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Villeroy & Boch Hygiene-Champion


In order to keep the toilets clean and fresh at all times, rim blocks or gels are often used. Not only are these unsightly they are also unhygienic. Because they are placed directly in the toilet bowl, unhygienic areas such as the toilet bowl and rim must be touched to replace or fill them. With ViFresh, Villeroy & Boch has developed a hygienic solution: the innovative compartment is integrated into the ceramic and is in direct contact with the water inlet, away from the toilet bowl. It can be filled without having to touch any unhygienic areas.


The ViFresh compartment can be filled with conventional rim blocks and gels. The container can also be removed and rinsed with water after each filling. In addition, the container allows precise and optimal dosing of the product and perfectly homogeneous distribution in the toilet bowl. Finally, the flush performance of the toilet bowl is in no way affected by the toilet block, as the water is not diverted and can be optimally distributed in the basin.

The elegant lid conceals the ViFresh container and makes the deodoriser invisible. This not only makes it more attractive but also more practical. The scented toilet block in the toilet bowl can be attractive to children who might want to touch it. With ViFresh, this danger is reduced.

Finally, ViFresh received a special mention in the 2017 German Design Award for the perfect combination of functionality and design quality.

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