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Wall-Mounted Bath Spouts

Add a Note of Elegance and Functionality to Your Modern Bathroom

Affordable and stylish bath taps

Bath spouts are bathroom taps that are situated away from the main water spout and have a water control valve in them. These spouts are wall mounted, floor mounted and deck mounted with control valves usually fitted into the wall. GROHE wall mounted bath spouts have been created to meet the demands of the modern day bathroom as it combines elegance with efficient functionality. It features the elements of leading technology and looks well with any bathroom layout. Whether you are looking for a stylish range of wall mounted taps or GROHE taps that are budget friendly, xTWOstore has it all. >>Read more


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Benefits of Installing Wall Mounted Taps for Bath

Enhanced accessibility and easy maintenance

The utilitarian appearance the wall mounted bath spouts bring to your bathroom is undeniable. In a bathroom, usually the tiles or the cabinets attract attention. However, installing wall mounted bath taps can add appeal and functionality to any bathing space. Not just that, the GROHE bathroom taps come with additional benefits, including:

  • It provides a spacious bathroom

If you have a smaller bathroom, installing a GROHE concealed wall mounted bath spout will give you more space in the bathroom, unlike floor standing bathroom taps. Bath spouts, usually when wall mounted, will provide the homeowners with more space, especially when installed on the bathtub top. For instance, GROHE Lineare offers everything a practical concealed wall mounted bath spout should have.

  • Easy to clean

Since in the bathing area, you are dealing with water, soap, and dirt, you can expect deposits of grime to accumulate. This makes the bathing area and the spout look unkempt, which is why wall mounted GROHE taps for bathrooms are efficient as they are easy to clean.

  • Water cannot pool around

Water pooling around a deck-mounted bath spout can be a common problem in the bathroom. However, in the case of wall mounted bath spouts, there is no scope for the water to pool around the faucet fixtures because they are attached to a vertical surface and are separate from the bathtub.

  • Increased accessibility

With a GROHE wall mounted bath spout, you can position it higher above the bathtub and get one that will extend further out towards your bathtub. It is especially beneficial for one who needs to fill a bucket or a baby bath. The GROHE Atrio range is just perfect for this.

Contemporary Series of Wall Mounted Bath Spouts

Brilliant designs to choose from

Crafted using high-quality material and unique designs to impress you, GROHE offers an extensive range of stylish and practical bath spouts that will make your life easy and your bathing experience amazing. You can choose one that suits your requirements.

The GROHE Allure Brilliant range of bath taps features crisp planes, intriguing angles, and a structured shape and has been designed to achieve a polished finish and durability. Allure by GROHE is again, balanced proportions on the outside and technologically advanced on the inside. These wall-mounted bath spouts have cylindrical bodies with rectangular base plates. The GROHE Atrio has been crafted to keep elegance and precision in mind. The spout has an interesting curve and a perfect arc. Simple curves and flowing forms is what the GROHE Eurostyle Cosmopolitan is all about. Its shape and quality of the material ensures a pleasing experience whenever you step in the bathroom for a bath. The GROHE Grandera series has slightly rounded surfaces, straight edges, and curved bodies. It gives an extravagant look to your bathroom.

The GROHE wall mounted bath spouts are available in fabulous shades, such as chrome, brushed hard graphite, cool sunrise, supersteel, warm sunset, and gold.

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