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Shower Sets

GROHE Shower Sets for an Extraordinary Bathroom Experience

GROHE’s shower sets - Find the perfect shower for your modern bathroom

Your morning shower routine will never be boring again. xTWOstore offers you an extensive range of GROHE’s shower sets to fit in all your bathroom ideas. Styled with precision for optimal water flow, this shower set series gives you a complete bathing experience. GROHE brings to you a comprehensive range of rain shower sets for a uniform water flow - Euphoria Cube with one spray node for soft beads of water flow, Grandera for a summer rain experience, and Tempesta for a circular spray and fresh burst of water. Whether you want a shower set for your corner baths or bathtubs, the vast array of shower sets comes with up to four nodes for different levels of water spray matching your requirement.

GROHE’s shower sets come with unique designs and assorted colours such as chrome, brush hard graphite, moon white, and gold. Explore the extensive shower sets and make your own unique bathing space. >>Read more


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Outstanding GROHE Shower Set Series

GROHE Shower Sets - for better shower experience and a beautiful bathroom

Inspired by the latest technology, the GROHE shower sets are designed keeping in mind your bathing experience and the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Made from superior quality material, the GROHE shower sets are distinguished into series: Euphoria Cosmopolitan, Euphoria Cube, Euphoria, Grandera, and Rainshower SmartActive Tempesta 100, to name a few.

These extensive series are comfortable to hold and are furnished with impressive coating for a luxury finish.

Unique Features of GROHE Shower Sets

GROHE shower sets are perfect for every bathroom ideas

This extensive range of GROHE shower sets are equipped with 1-3 spray modes for uniform water flow and a complete bathing experience.The designs are carefully chosen for optimal water saving features and ensure full spray.

GROHE Shower Sets - Fabulous Shades to Impress

Adorn your bathroom interior with matching shower sets by GROHE

The GROHE shower sets have an impressive range of shades that look luxurious and blend into your bathroom accessories perfectly. Choose from a broad spectrum of colours such as chrome, brushed hard graphite, moon white, gold, or white. To get an overview of the GROHE shower set collection, click here.

GROHE Smart Shower Systems - For A Great Shower Experience

Technologically driven for a better distribution of water

A GROHE shower system will consistently deliver the best shower experience. The DreamSpray® technology on all the shower systems guarantees balanced water distribution to each shower nozzle.

No matter your bathroom design preference, installation requirements, and budget, we have a shower system to match—a choice of stylish designs to match all interior bathroom plans.

Advanced thermostats models to meet your installation requirements: Rainshower® systems with a choice of two shower heads sizes: 210 mm and 400 mm diameter

You can choose the shower arms available in two lengths: 390 mm and 450 mm and can be rotated 180 degrees for comfort.

Step into a world where more is less: GROHE offers an extensive range of hand showers and shower sets that are ideal for large and cosy bathrooms. If you adore minimalistic appeal in your bathroom, GROHE shower sets have a lot to offer. These shower sets are perfect for installing next to your bathtub - a tailor-made haven for your brilliant bathing experience.

GROHE hand showers feature a thoughtful finish that prevents your shower from cracking and ensures it is never too hot for you to handle. This is an advantage of using quality hand showers from GROHE.

Check out all the GROHE products here.

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