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Grohtherm SmartControl

Grohe Grohtherm SmartControl

GROHE Grohtherm SmartControl- The Intelligent Shower Control

Attractive thermostatic valve by GROHE Grohtherm SmartControl

Are you looking for a thermostatic valve that is convincing in terms of ease of use and design? The GROHE Smart Control offers you the Grohtherm SmartControl series offers several models with many technical innovations and attractive configurations. As this series includes models for one, two or three water outlets, everyone has something. GROHE presents these high-quality models for exposed or concealed installation. Control knobs allow you to adjust the water temperature, flow rate, and jet type. You can also press to pause the water if you wish; the intuitive control provides a relaxing shower experience. >>Read more


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A smart thermostatic valve to take care of your bathing needs

You can intuitively understand the sophisticated control system for Grohtherm SmartControl thermostatic valves by pressing and turning the knobs. At the same time, it allows individual adjustment for the different outlets. With the large knob, you start the water and set the temperature. This makes it the central control element. As for the small rotary knobs, they are used to select the different water outlets.

The thermostatic valve is equipped with GROHE TurboStat technology, so the water is at the desired temperature in seconds. The set temperature is kept constant throughout the shower. For safety reasons, these thermostatic taps have a safety lock at 38°C.

Also, the models have an optional temperature limiter at 43°C. This technology is called GROHE SafeStop Plus. The GROHE CoolTouch system is supplied on exposed models. It ensures that the fitting's body does not heat up to avoid scalding. If you want to save water, choose the eco-friendly setting. With GROHE EcoJoy technology, you can take a resource-saving shower without loss of comfort.


Explore amazing designs and colours with GROHE SmartControl

With the Grohtherm SmartControl series, the German manufacturer focuses on a simple design that fits perfectly in any bathroom.


GROHE produces round and square control panels. With dimensions of 15.8 x 15.8 cm, these thermostatic shower taps are compact. The wall-mounted rosette is only 30 mm deep. Different finishes are available for the concealed models. In addition to the classic chrome surface, the German manufacturer offers the following colours: chrome / acrylic moon white, Cool Sunrise, Nickel, Warm Sunset, Super Steel and Hard Graphite. These are available in gloss or brushed finishes. The front panel of the selection buttons for the various outputs is made of plastic. If you want to learn more about it, visit our GROHE Colors web page here.


These models are rectangular with gently rounded corners and edges. The depth of these GROHE bathroom fittings is 15.0 cm, and the width is 30.5 cm. The front of the round knobs on these models are made of plastic. All models have a chrome-plated surface. The exposed taps provide a large surface area for shampoo and shower gel.


Hand shower or head shower, the GROHE SmartControl creates an excellent bathing experience

To ensure that the thermostatic fittings work properly, combining them with GROHE head showers and hand showers sets is advisable. Thermostatic valves are matched to the manufacturer's showerheads to allow different types of spray.

Some all-in-one shower systems are available. It's up to you to draw inspiration from them to create your perfect shower place or to save money by choosing the shower system rather than its individual components. For example, the exposed thermostatic valve with one outlet is offered with a Euphoria shower set that includes three different types of jets. The complete set contains the thermostatic faucet, hand shower, shower hose, shower bar, and sliding bracket.

For concealed shower systems, there are several choices in the GROHE Grohtherm Smart control 310, Euphoria 260, Cosmopolitan 210 and Rainshower F-Series. SmartActive is available in round or square form with the Cube model. This gives you plenty of scope for customising your shower area. Thus, the GROHE range allows you to create your personalised shower or bathtub spaces. The thermostatic taps are at the heart of every shower system. They give the user total control so that you can relax in complete peace of mind.

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