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Flushing Cisterns

Flushing Cisterns from GROHE

Works Perfectly with Your Modern WC

Concealed and exposed variants to fit your bathroom ceramics

The flush tank is a central element of your toilet. It collects a certain volume of water to evacuate the contents of the pan and clean it after use. The cistern of a modern toilet is close-coupled to the bowl and mounted above it. GROHE cisterns are made of sanitary ceramic or plastic and are white in colour. Two main types of cisterns exist depending on the type of installation: exposed or concealed. >>Read more

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Concealed cisterns quite literally remain hidden within the wall or behind the tile of your bathroom wall with only the flush plate mechanism revealing. If you are looking for a minimalistic and contemporary look for your bathroom, GROHE concealed cistern range is just perfect.

With a concealed cistern, the water tank, pipes and supporting elements are completely housed in the wall. The cistern is therefore not visible and does not take up any space, which is particularly advantageous for a tiny bathroom.

However, if a repair is necessary, the wall may have to be opened. For minor repairs, it is still possible to perform them through an inspection opening. You must also be careful with your water supply when choosing your tank because two types of connections are possible, either on the side or at the bottom of the tank.

The exposed flushing cisterns are more of traditional toilet fittings that predominantly work with close coupled toilets or some wall hung toilets. In the case of an exposed flushing cistern, the tank is mounted in the immediate vicinity of the toilet. The advantage of this model is that the cistern is very easy to clean: just remove the cover and simply add a detergent to the water. Spare parts can be easily removed and cleaned separately. Assembly and possible repairs are also simple.

Variety of Flush Cisterns

Combination of style and functionality

GROHE offers a wide range of toilet and cistern sets that work with every bathroom layout. Whether you want to install a GROHE concealed cistern range or exposed cistern types, here are the fabulous series of flush cisterns to pick from:

The GROHE Bau Ceramic flush cistern range creates a minimalistic look and works perfectly along-side of the floor-standing WC from the same range. GROHE Cube Ceramic is characterized by a modern and angular style. It works best with a close coupled WC combination.

GROHE Essence is designed for a simple yet functional bathroom setting. Combining it with GROHE Essence ceramics gives you a beautiful bathroom experience. strong>GROHE Euro Ceramic combines both square and round shapes and perfectly fits with GROHE EuroSmart Cosmopolitan, Eurostyle, Eurosmart, and Eurostyle Cosmopolitan range. The Universal series, which impresses with its simplicity and the shape of its flushing cistern.

You may also check out xTWOstore for classy and technologically advanced Geberit flush cisterns and toilet and cistern sets.

GROHE also offers materials and spare parts for small repairs that you will find in xTWOstore.

Advantages of a Concealed Cistern

Save space and upgrade your bathroom

The GROHE concealed cistern series is designed to give a modern look to your bathroom. Besides the advanced technology behind its designs, here are some of the benefits of concealed cisterns you should know about:

  • A concealed cistern saves space if you have a small bathroom. It can make your bathroom look less occupied.

  • Concealed cisterns offer hygienic options and are easier to clean.

  • They are modern and sleek and match the interiors of your bathroom. To complete the look, you can order matching taps and flush plates from GROHE.

Other cisterns from other manufacturers can be found here.

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