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4-Hole Bathtub Taps

Unmatched Technology for Excellent Performance

Functional and stylish

A 4-hole bathtub tap is similar to a mixer tap in its functionality. Although the water flows from a single spout, instead of having just one hole, you will have two more for the hot and cold water levers. With GROHE 4-hole bathtub taps, you can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with an extensive range of designs to choose from. Available in a variety of styles, the GROHE 4 hole bath taps feature brilliant chrome, brushed nickel and hard graphite finishes that suit a range of interior styles, and feature a solid build to ensure long-lasting durability. >>Read more

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Smooth Finish with Multiple Spray Patterns

An ergonomically tuned series of bathtub taps

If the thought of renovating your bathroom or complete construction has crossed your mind, make sure you invest in a bathtub tap that is functional and blends well with the interiors of your modern bathroom. GROHE 4-hole bathtub taps come in a wide range of series that you can choose based on your requirements. Here is the amazing series to look for:

  • Allure Brilliant

With intriguing angles and crisp planes and cut-out details, the GROHE Allure Brilliant exhibits absolute precision. These 4-hole bathtub taps come with a smooth ceramic cartridge with a delicate spray mode.

  • Concetto

Precisely drawn lines, angles, and curves, the GROHE Concetto 4-hole bathtub taps are designed into harmony with perfect ergonomics, inviting you to a functional and impressive bathroom.

  • Essence

Gently interpreted for a classy lifestyle, the GROHE Essence series of 4-hole bathtub taps comes with an adjustable temperature limiter and a backflow preventer. It is also equipped with EcoJoy, a technology that saves water.

  • Eurocube

The GROHE Eurocube series of 4-hole bathtub taps are inspired by the geometric perfection of the cube. The Eurocube range is all about solidarity and style, which it brings to any contemporary bathroom. It has StarLight technology to ensure easy cleaning.

  • Eurostyle Cosmopolitan

The GROHE Eurostyle Cosmopolitan is a range of smooth, precise, and well-performing bathtub taps that come with a SilkMove cartridge for smooth control. It has a balanced multiple spray for an amazing bathing experience.

  • Grandera

Timeless, classic, yet luxuriant, the GROHE Grandera 4-hole bathtub taps exhibit traditional designs with an extremely durable body that lasts a long time. It is equipped with an Inner WaterGuide that protects against scalding and extends the life of the chrome surface.

  • Lineare

With a cylindrical body and a rectangular shape of the handle and spout, the GROHE Lineare 4-hole bathtub taps are unique in design and a class apart when it comes to performance. SilkMove technology ensures smooth handling of these bathtub taps.

  • Plus

An ideal combination of elegance and functionality, the GROHE Plus 4-hole bathtub taps mix durability with dazzling good looks. It fits perfectly with the GROHE Essence range of bathtubs as well.

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Pleasurable Bath Everyday

Durable and user-friendly

GROHE bathtub taps bring in advanced craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies that make the 4-hole bathtub taps unique and different from the rest. Their inbuilt technologies make them user-friendly and easy to maintain. Below is the list of technologies used in GROHE bathtub taps with 4-holes:

  • DreamSpray

The GROHE DreamSpray technology ensures an even distribution of water to all the nozzles and thus gives you an incomparable bathing experience.

  • EcoJoy

The innovative EcoJoy technology by GROHE helps you save water and energy. With EcoJoy bathtub taps installed, you do not have to worry about compromising on interrupted water flow.

  • SpeedClean

With the GROHE SpeedClean technology, removing limescale is now easy. The silicon nozzles on the GROHE 4-hole bathtub taps allow you to remove the limescale deposits just by wiping with a finger or piece of cloth.

  • Inner WaterGuide

This Inner WaterGuide technology protects the bathtub taps from scalding and prolongs the life of the chrome surface on the body.

  • StarLight

The GROHE StarLight technology offers a made-to-last finish, making cleaning and maintenance easy.

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